nice to meet you!

Arlene Armijo


Arlene was placed on this planet to serve others. She started dreaming and creating as a young woman in Belen, NM.

As a homegrown New Mexican, Arlene was led to her adventures in Albuquerque, NM during her college career at the University of New Mexico. 

After graduation, Arlene found her passion within the healthcare sector, inspiring her to become a female entrepreneur and starting her own 

business. Just basically your all-around motivator and community leader. 

After starting her own business, a new journey approached Arlene. She found love and peace within the philanthropic and nonprofit sector when she started working at the Special Olympics. 

During her time in the nonprofit sector, Arlene strengthened her definition of community – creating her own story on how she would always support the dreams of others. 

Not only is it Arlene’s goal to create experiences for all, but also to provide a dynamic platform for people, local businesses and travelers to tell their New Mexico story. 

She is the definition of redefining. 

She is New Nuevo. 

When Arlene isn’t creating your next best experience, you can find her running in the foothills of the Sandias with her husband Jesse or hanging at home with their fur baby, Winston.

And of course, enjoying a delish glass of wine…


David Stroud


David is one-of-a-kind. He’s fun, energetic, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NM, David has always been an adventure-seeker and creative. 

He moved to Albuquerque in the early 2000s and started his own event production company in 2008. Always wanting more for the beautiful city of Albuquerque and his community, David has crafted and designed some of the best events Albuquerque has ever seen, including ABQ Corks & Brews, a wine and beer experience for locals, and Diner en Blanc, a worldwide event spanning six continents in which people have a meal dressed in white in a temporary dining setup in a public space.

David is also the Managing Director of downtown’s newest entertainment hub, One Central. 

What does David love to do most? More often than not, you can find him traveling, dancing the night away at music festivals or enjoying a delicious meal – he’s a foodie at heart! Honestly, if you want a great suggestion for dinner, drinks or travel around the world, ask David. He’s found the perfect way to have a work/life balance. His curated experiences provide depth and  excitement with cultural touches.

Behind New Nuevos creation and mission is David’s love for Albuquerque’s culture and community. David is all about sharing our story by showcasing Albuquerque, it’s people and the small businesses that make-up the heart of the Q. When you book an experience with David & New Nuevo, you will not only be fostering our creative economy, you will be experiencing curated experiences, stimulating innovation, and witnessing inspiring artistic collaboration within our state. David is the definition of community. He is New Nuevo.