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Colorful hot air balloon design on a 100% linen towel - tea towel, dish towel, hand towel, whatever you want to call it, this one wears beautifully and makes a great gift.

Beautiful, practical towels that look at home in your hard working kitchen, bathroom, or picnic basket. Wrap a bouquet of flowers, or a loaf of bread in this towel for the perfect housewarming gift.

Colorful tea towels with artwork by Jen Fox. This illustration is inspired by none other than the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which brings together hundreds of balloonists every fall in New Mexico! It's a colorful time of year in the sky, and this illustration attempts to capture the festivities!

USES: kitchen dish towel bathroom hand towel wrap bread or picnic sundries wrap around a wine bottle dress up a picnic!

FEATURES: 100% linen corner hanging tab approximate dimensions 17.5" x 25.5"