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Get soft, silky skin from your shower.  

drenchbar® is solid lotion bar that is activated with water. Glide the lotion bar on damp to wet skin after your shower routine to soothe, soften and hydrate your body. You can see it transform into lotion on your skin. No rinse required, and no sticky after-feel.

100% au naturel, 100% you. Our naked + unscented bar is totally free from fragrance but still loaded with everything you need to get the softest, most nourished skin of your life.

Our 3 oz bar is equivalent to a 12 oz bottle of conventional lotion. It should last about a month per person.

drenchbar® is designed to be used right after your shower on damp to wet skin. Our concentrated formula uses the water from your shower to emulsify into a lotion on your skin. Just turn off water after shower, hand wipe or gently towel blot excess water from body, glide the bar all over, massage it in, pat dry or air dry as needed.

Let your bar dry out between uses and keep it elevated out of sitting water.